What we do!

Platform the Banking as a Service

Support the entire payment management chain, digital accounts, financial and credit products and services, from application backoffice, even the digital account APP, be it for the acquirer, card issuance, management and assets, merchants, sub-buyers and other fintech models that want to innovate and or integrate your solutions into our bank as a service platform.

We boost business

From our customers through an exclusive and 100% proprietary platform for Multi-acquirer, Securities Generation, CCBs, Payments, Open banks, Pix, Transfers and much more.

Open Bank Market

Offering fully integrated technology with the OpenBank market, in the SaaS, PaaS and BaaS model, in a unique, unique way, as the support of the main market players in infrastructure and processes that further complement our platform, services like settlement, register, toll tags, taking Fintechs customers of RoadPass to a new level of success.