Who we are

RoadPass is a Payment Institution, according to article 6 of Circular No. 3,885, of March 26, 2018 and Banking correspondent that follows Bank guidelines Central do Brasil, pursuant to Resolution No. 3,954, of February 24, 2011 and subsequent changes, which have technologies in a “Digital Platform”, such as BaaS - Bank as a Service, with payment products and financial services complete, it also acts as Issuer of Prepaid and Credit cards and Sub-Accreditation, providing, among other financial services, the services capturing Card payment transactions, opening and processing of payment transactions in Digital Payment Accounts and Deposit Accounts Digital, and in partnership with several Financial Institutions.

ROADPASS has developed technological tools specialized in receiving, managing and processing data related to payment transactions, and we offer our solutions for creating diverse Fintechs.

roadpass assumes all operational responsibilities, legals, compliance, technology, apps, products, customer support, marketing and no less important the sector's regulatory norms and circulars, in addition to reports to these bodies. we want our customers to have the least concern. with roadpass really we can create and replicate new fintechs in a 90 day period, with a digital account, credit mat, receivables records, credit cards and prepaid cards, 24 hour withdrawals and much more.